Funeral nervousness

So i went off to work this morning feeling ok, started the day, then just out of no where, i get cold sweats, head aches, dizzyness, eventually came home?? This just hit me from no where?? I dont seem to be able to concentrate at all…is this normal???


Hi, grief manifests in many physical and emotional symptoms. I have definitely felt awful physical symptoms at stressful times during my grief since losing my Mum. Grief is a roller coaster, so many mixed emotions, especially in the early days. Take things as they come, a day at a time. Xx

This is very normal. I get the sweats and the brain fog. When it happens I ask my wife to help me use my head to control my emotions instead of my emotions controlling my head.
It seems to work, so I know she is always with me.

@Clarzie78 I hope tomorrow goes well. Believe me, you’ll be amazed how quick the day will go. Just take it bit by bit. It’s how I got thru it & I’m a naturally anxious person. Everyone will be focused on their own grief anyway. Warmest wishes. Xx

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It’s my mum’s funeral tomorrow, I’ve kept myself busy these past 2 weeks organising it. I’m dreading afterwards

@Jaggs i hope the funeral helps, ive been dreading dads for days, almost to the point of thinking i couldnt do it, it was a really hard day, but some how i feel more at ease now dads gone and weve said goodbye? I was also dreading the wake, but it was beautiful, all his ex work mates telling stories about dad, my family all talking about him, everyone just came together, and it was so lovely knowing so many people loved my dad. Just take the day as it happens…

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I experience this a lot after losing both parents I understand it’s totally normal but it frightened me to begin with , iv downloaded a mindfulness app which sometimes works but mostly I just allow myself to feel and tell myself it’s just a feeling it’s ok not to be ok if you find anything that works for you please do share , sending love xx

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