Funeral on Monday

Not sure how I will cope with it. Just seen the weather’s going to be hot and sunny. Now Im stressing about what to wear frantically looking for something cooler. I think I am thinking about this in a bid to stop me from thinking about the actual funeral and how Im going to get through that. So many silly things on my mind at the moment that aren’t really that important! Hoping I will find some inner strength to help on the day.


My thoughts will be with you on the day. It is a massive moment for you. I hope you have lots of support on Monday and afterwards. It is a month today since my husband’s funeral. I don’t know how I got through the day - but I did. You will too. All we can do is remain standing, and facing forward, taking it one step at a time.


Bless you what ever you wear,will be just fine,it was quite warm at my sons cremation . I worn a short sleeve top and a black cardigan just in case it got a bit chilly.
My son had learning disability, and some of his friends asks if they could wear bright colours . I said of course you can.A couple even wore the Arsenal shirt,which he would have loved.The thing is everyone was there for him.


Thinking of you

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I carried my husbands coffin into the crematorium with my children and eldest grandson. I wanted to make sure I took him to his final destination, it was hard but worth it to be able to my final goodbye.

I’m sure you will find inner strength. Although it wasn’t my partner, I lost my mum in May this year and didn’t know how on earth I would get through the funeral. Although I had some relatives there, I had no partner with me, so felt a little alone. I got ready that morning, put on my new dress, did my makeup and hair, and my mind was totally distracted getting ready and trying to look my best. I have no idea how I got through it, but unbelievably I didn’t shed a tear. I’m positive her spirit was there helping me at the funeral. I can’t believe how I surprised myself. Hope you find the strength. Do him proud. He will be watching over you there. xxx