Funeral poems, readings and music

Organising the funeral of someone you love can be incredibly hard. But many people find that a thoughtful and personal service can be comforting and feel like the right way to honour someone’s memory.

You might choose to select an existing poem or reading, write one of your own, or a mixture. Some people like traditional music and hymns, while others choose modern songs with a personal meaning.

What has been your experience of choosing funeral poems, readings and music? Was it difficult to choose? Did you find something that expressed exactly what you wanted?

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My Husband used to sing and we had lots of recordings of him singing so we chose “Its a wonderful World”, “Story of My Life” and “Welcome to my World”. All from the 50/60’s era. He would have been well pleased with his voice coming over the speakers for all to enjoy.

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Thank you for sharing. That is lovely that you actually had recordings of him singing - it must have been very moving to hear.

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