Funeral tomorrow

Didn’t sleep last night, :sleeping: so exhausted. Everything is arranged, but I’m feeling Ive forgotten something. The funeral starts tomorrow, Karen goes into church (lie in rest) the main mass on Friday, then onto the crematorium. All become so real again, how Ive got here is unknown, each day each hour is different and difficult. Eating, motivation, even standing up is difficult, I feel so exhausted but cant sleep. Trying to occupy myself is getting harder, 20m of films and Im wondering around with pointless tasks. Really dreaded these moments, I really hope somehow I get strength tomorrow and Friday.


@MRP you will find the strength to get through this, I was dreading the funeral, it was nearly 4 weeks after Chris had passed but in retrospect it was one of the easiest parts of the whole journey since I lost him because I could celebrate his life with his family and friends. It’s been the loneliness since then that I have found the hardest thing to cope with

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@MRP I agree with @Annde you might not think it but you will find the strength to get through it. I was the same as you, just existing and dreading the funeral, but I found real comfort in it. It was lovely to have so many people there who said such kind, comforting things and I felt that we all said our goodbyes in the way he would have liked. People will understand how difficult it is for you and will be there to support you. Don’t be frightened of being emotional, you’ll only be expressing your love for her xx

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