Funeral tomorrow

It’s my Dads funeral tomorrow and I’m dreading it. He died just over a month ago so I’ve had a while to get used to the idea but it just feels like the pain has got so much worse and anxiety has really settled in. I’m so scared I’m going to have a huge panic attack at the funeral or faint or something. I don’t feel ready to say goodbye but I know that no one is ever ready.
I’m so scared and looking for reassurance that I’ll get through this

I’m sorry for your loss. I lost my dad 12 weeks ago and we had his funeral 8 weeks ago. I wanted to speak at the funeral but didn’t know if I’d manage it. I was so scared of the funeral and how I’d cope - but I got through it and managed to speak without anyone helping me. This has been the most horrendous, traumatic time of my life but now I really know the meaning of inner strength! Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy but I got through it in one piece. The following day I broke down big time and had to be signed off work.

Take each minute, hour, day at a time. Be kind to yourself. Thinking of you xx

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I really am so sorry for your loss. I lost my lovely husband at the end of November, and absolutely dreaded his funeral to the point I was not even convinced I would be able to go. Like you I was so scared that I was going to have a huge panic attack or faint. The strange thing was when I woke up on the morning of the funeral, it really was as if an inner strength took over and I was determine to do him proud. When we got to the funeral it was as if I was in a bubble, and although I knew other people were there it was all so surreal and I felt really numb. You will get through it and you will do your Dad proud and even if you do find you are struggling to cope, remember you are only human, and people will totally understand what you are going through. Try to not put too much pressure on yourself. Take care xx

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I managed to make it through the day and even managed to speak today. It was unbearably sad but I feel relieved it’s over. I imagine that tomorrow will be hard, there’s nothing to do now except grieve and miss my Dad. Thank you for your replies and support