Its my husbands funeral on tuesday, because my area is in tier 2 now, i cant have anyone stay with me before and got be careful sitting in the crem. How do i cope?

I saw you can have overnight stays in tier 2 was on a government page i saw and of you can form a bubble you should be ok as long as you arw careful i wouldnt want be on my own and when my partner passed away in june all the rules for me went out of the window anyway people were hugging me i was staying at his sisters with my mum you shouldnt be alone just be careful
What are the numbers for funerals where you arw? We were allowed 30 at my partners and they were brilliant although was difficult deciding who could and couldnt come inside me and my daughter we even allowed up to thw coffin at the end which i was thankful for my mum has been to 2 funerals since and they could only have 10 and had to wear masks its so sad xx

I live in a tier 2 area and my neighbour has his son stay over. Yes I know technically no ones ment to go to you’re house ect but that is where the bubble comes in. Whoes going to report you. Probly no one and you just say it’s my bubble.
Don’t be alone. I know the covid rules are there for a reason but you would be breaking them for in my opinion a realy realy good reason.

This may or may not help you . There were probably about 60 plus people at my partner’s service (before Covoid existed). With hindsight I wish I’ d had a small private service with just myself, his 2 brothers and my siblings. A private goodbye to my loved one. At a later date we could have had a celebration of his life for friends and other relatives. Wishing you well it will not be as big an ordeal as you think it will. Take care Jx