Hello, it is my partner’s funeral tomorrow and I am worried sick I can’t get through it. He was only 53 and was known and loved by many, so it will be a big event. How can I cope with everyone looking at me? I am trying to be strong but break down several times a day.
Thank you so much

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Hi Helly. I know how you feel. Speak to your GP and ask for diazepam just to get you through the day. It will take the edge off. On the day I felt close to my husband it was when it was all over that it got really tough. Keep talking on the site. We are here for you and take things minute by minute hour by hour. I phoned the Samaritans and griefchat in those times when I was so desperate to talk. I will be thinking about you x


Hi oh im so sorry for your loss i agree go to the drs for something to take the edge of of things, please just think of you not anyone else . I dont remember much of my husbands and im glad. My mums i remember every detail and i know we done her proud, the inner you will kick in to give you the strength to get through it. Blank everyone else out and just think of you and your husband. God bless. X