Hi I’m going to a funeral tomorrow. It’ll be 3 months since my own husband’s funeral. It’s an old work colleague of mine. She’s going to be buried in the same cemetery as Andy. I’m dreading it. I know I have to go as I adored her and loved working with her. Sometimes challenging, always laughing. It’ll be nice to see old friends as well. But memories will come flooding back of 3 months ago.

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I’m also re furnishing my house. I feel somewhat guilty as Andy is not here with me. I do tell him everything. Our friend us helping me. The house was in a poor state of repair and deco. Which had been accumulating over 30 years. It’s starting to look welcoming now. I just wish he was here to see it.

He’s probably sending you the engry to get you to make the place look beautiful.

Take tomorrow a moment at a time and if it gets to much. Maybe skip the grave and go directly to the wake? Save you having a lot of very sad moments.

Take care and enjoy your beautiful new decor.

Thanks for that. I’ll try. But I can visit Andy if I go to the grave