This may seem a bit odd but I am attending a funeral which is a burial, I have never been to one (I’m 67) all the other funerals I have been to have been cremations and I don’t know how I will react or what to expect can anyone give me any advice.Thank you.

Hello @Islander.

Actually if I have to go to a funeral then I would prefer a burial. I find a cremation quite disturbing and final, especially when the coffin disappears. At least we can see where the coffin is going when it’s lowered into the ground. It depends how close you were to the deceased on how you will react. Not every mourner goes to the buriel site, some just go to the church service and then to the reception afterwards as often only close family and friends will attend the interment. I hope this helps a little.

I find all funerals difficult since my husband passed away.

Thank you Crazy Kate you have helped me by responding to my query and explaining what happens.We are saying goodbye to a close family member so it will be a very upsetting time but I will try to be strong.
Thanks again & take care.


My partner’s funeral was followed by a burial.

I’ve found it very comforting that I can go visit her, it’s very hard and I can’t remember much of the burial itself in all honesty (just a blur), but knowing I’ll be able to go see her and chat is helping even just in a small way.

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Thank you for your message, I’m pleased that you find comfort in visiting your partners resting place.
Stay safe.

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It’s all so fresh right now, but I’ve been down most days in the week since.