Its the funeral tomorrow. I have no idea how im supposed to do this. We were supposed to have our whole lives, kids, grandkids, holidays, christmases, birthdays, no amount of time would ever be enough but he was 25 years old. We were supposed to have our 60 years together. We went through hell to find eachother, weve both had so much pain in our lives and we finally had it all, we finally had our happy ever after, it was meant to be, fate and now hes gone😭 God i miss him😩 i never thought at the age of 23 i would have to burry the love of my life💔


I am so sorry @SJ_c00 I cannot imagine losing my partner so young, it is so unfair. Of course you miss him and all your hopes and dreams for the future. I shall be thinking of you tomorrow, there is no handbook on how you do it, but you will - let your friends and family scoop you up, and feel the warmth of the love you both shared in your heart to comfort you. Sending you much love and hugs xxx

I’m so, so sorry, your life together had only just begun. You will look back and treasure every minute, every moment you shared. All the support I can send for tomorrow, I got through my husband’s funeral last week and I’m still here.

So young, so tragic. It’ll be hard but like every day so far, you will get through.

Thinking of you today.

Thinking of you today :broken_heart: That’s no age, he should have had his whole life ahead of him :cry:

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How dreadful that you have lost your love at such a tragically young age. Words fail me as to how to help you.
I’m sorry I didn’t see your post earlier but wanted to respond now I have seen.
You must be in total shock so be kind to yourself and rest as much as you can. Accept any help offered and know that on here there are people who will listen whenever you need to vent any feelings.
Love and hugs
Karen xxx