Funny memories of loved ones

Let’s share funny/happy stories of our loved ones
My mum found some hash in my brother bed room we had one a open fire at the time she decided to burn it in the fireplace :rofl: and sat in front of it my brother came in to a house mum was stoned and had the munchies :rofl: the neighbour’s could smell it :rofl: the following day we asked if she was ok she said she felt strange and was hungry :sob: we couldn’t tell her the truth as for the neighbour’s we played ignorance :sob:


When I was a teenager and my friends came over, my Mum used to always interrupt us by dancing into the room! She’d grin her head off and do a kooky, enthusiastic dance for no reason at all but to have a laugh! I’d be embarrassed on the outside but laughing and secretly finding it hilarious! She was so filled with joy and fun and just wanted to make people happy. She had the biggest heart and the brightest sunshine aura.


What a lovely suggestion!

I remember when my mum was walking around the house in her bikini and my little brother who was a toddler at the time decided to pull the string on her top and it pinged off right in front of the window. She ended up screaming and diving to the floor to hide her modesty :joy:

Another time me and her was walking round town on a really windy day and a girl walking in front of us had a skirt on and a huge gust of wind ended up making it blow up revealing her underwear, we was in histerics :woman_facepalming::joy: