Sitting here in the house - no plans to see anyone or do anything . No one to talk to
Housework done washing done
What else? Fed up of reading- weather not great for a walk
What does everyone do to make the days pass?
Dreading dark short days of winter

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I watch quite a bit of tv.

Big hug,

Rose xx

I also like crosswords and puzzles xx

Used to watch so many different series on tv with husband . Can’t settle to watch any of them now- no one to chat to about them
I flick through face book & TikTok but had enough after half hour

Doom scrolling, tea making, cat herding, decision avoidance, sleep catching, family avoiding.


I feel the same cant concentrate on anything . Feeling so lonely and isolated. Did a bit of ironing ,should clean up but it seems pointless. Xxx

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I have a list in my head of things to do and try to tick a few off each day, but the loneliness is the hardest, nobody to chat with and everyone that says we will catch up and go out seem to go out not with me and never do the catch up with me.
Ive joined a few groups but at weekends and evenings it seems to be the lonliest time.

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The night times are the killer i hate the lonilness. I need ppl to talki to but they are all so busy. And dont want to deal with me. I have never felt so alone. And i suffer from agrophobia so dont go out far so makes meeting ppl harder. Xxxx

Do you have any hobbies that you could do with others and maybe start a small group where they come to your house. I go to a garden club once a month at my local garden centre and have met ladies on a ladies only local site to have coffee with. We are going to the BBC goodfood show in November and possibly Edinburgh christmas markets in Decemver for a few days. Not all are Widows so we dont talk about anything to do with grief which is nice as we talk about normal everyday events, polotics the weather and what we have done etc

I never thought of that i will see ifbi can arreange something i like to knit xxx


Cat herding :joy:

:joy:i would be ok cat herding .i dont know if my mobility scooter would car many xxx

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It made me chuckle :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You’d have to get a little basket :basket: xx

I would need plenty of cat biscuits wouldnt i .knowing my luck i probably get more scratches and bites xxxxx

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Take plasters as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: hope it’s going well with the puppy xx

I will need some of those long gloves. I have been attacked by a cat befire ouch comes to mind. She is doing well just wish i wasbin a better frame of mind for her. Xxxx

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You’ll get there, I promise :heart:

Thank you katyn , i am realky hoping so darling xxxx

I joined a photography club…

Booked a diving holiday on my own…

Made plans for taking my pension and a partial early retirement…Nigel didn’t have the chance to enjoy everything we’d saved for, so I’ll find a way to take him on the adventures we’d planned!