Get away

I’ve b thinking about getting away for awhile somewhere hot Asia, cruise, have family in Asia but haven’t seen them in years but the thought of traveling alone and health insurance what if something happens to me, but would really like to sit by beach cafe just chilling all day fancy Barbados any body done this or thought about it

Hi Mickyboy. I understand the overwhelming urge to get away. I’m currently on holiday in St David’s, Pembrokeshire, with my son and dogs. I know it’s not an exotic place such as you describe but it does feel good to relax. But still I have this urge to flee, to be alone. I’ve booked a couple of nights in a hotel for the beginning of August, just me. Complete freedom. Clear my mind a little. I did the same last year so can recommend it. I’m not a huge traveller so generally stay in the UK. Why not try a short break first and if you like it, go from there. A cruise could be just the thing. We went on a Mediterranean cruise about 10 years ago and it was fabulous. We intended to go again once we retired but sadly not to be. It’s a perfect holiday for lone people. I know an elderly gentleman who goes on a month long cruise every year around March (he’s in his 80’s). Xx

Hi Mickyboy. I’m leaving for Australia in a few days. I have family and friends there so not particularly alone once I’m there. The journey will be a lone one though. Although I have to say that doesn’t bother me either. I haven’t thought about ‘what if something happens to me’ until I read your words. The answer now I have thought about it is, that I’m not thinking about it again. So what if it does. Am I bothered. Not really. What’s the worst thing that can happen. I don’t really know. But, if I can live this grief malarkey on a daily basis and all the pain that entails, can something happening to me be any worse. Doubtful! Go for it Mickyboy. What’s to lose…? More to gain I would think :slight_smile: x

Hi there. I haven’t been brave enough yet to make a getaway but think I might have had a go if I hadn’t got my dogs and they are so important to me that I couldn’t think of leaving them. But when my father died my mother was only in her forties and after the first few months she suddenly up and disappeared. Gave up her job and went on holiday but while there got a job and stayed for six months. I think it did her a lot of good and whilst we thought she had lost her mind at the time, I now have nothing but admiration for her as would never have imagined that my mother could do anything so daring. When she returned her head was clearer and she was ready to start living again went on to re-marry three years later and had another thirty years of happy marriage. Not saying you want that but if you think you can cope then go for it, don’t worry about what ‘might’ happen and enjoy. Good idea to try a short break first just to see how you get on. Best of luck

When do you leave for Australia CW? Xx

I’ve done a lot of going away. It started just four days after my wife died. She died in August last year. In September I spent four days at the coast, in October four days in Edinburgh and then each month after I had a three night break in hotels in the Lake District, right through until March.
Recently I’ve spent almost three weeks in Devon and Cornwall in my Campervan and then 5 nights in Northumberland. Next week I’m setting off again.
In a way I think I’m running away from things, from a quiet home where the wardrobes and drawers are still full of my wife’s things. I’m getting used to being alone and dealing with loneliness the best I can
With the benefit of hindsight I think I should have gone home after the funeral, packed a case, locked the door and just disappeared for a year to places that hold no association. I’m fortunate in that I don’t work and could have done that. I would definitely go for it and make lots of new memories.

Have a safe journey mickyboy

I would have done the same but stayed as had lots to sort out so that kept me busy, so didn’t really have time to think, this took about a year, then I had 3 strokes and diagnosed with lung disease, so came out of hospital and stayed with my eldest daughter who lives not far from me, had offer from next door whose brother wanted house so luckily sold at good time, so I’m basically homeless living with youngest daughter as she has been given a council house luckily, but needs work so been helping, but still have this urge to go away, but insurance is mad I’m not worried that something happens but just don’t won’t girls to have hassle of bringing me back dead or alive, like you don’t have to work anymore have a good time mickyboy.

Saturday at 20.30 hrs. I’m excited, Kate. Bless me :))) xxx

That’s so kind of you. Thank you x

Of course you’re excited. I think you will be surprised at how much you enjoy it, I hope so anyway. Bless you indeed CW. We’ll miss you. Perhaps send us a message occasionally. Sending love and strength to help you along your journey. Xxx

Thank you lovely lady. I appreciate your words. I won’t be gone too long. I love our home now more than ever, and I loved it a lot ‘before’ :slight_smile: So much peace at home somehow. It’s fab’! I’m pretty confident this trip is a positive more than a negative for me, nothing to lose Kate is there. And of course it will be so good to see my family and give and receive some real good hugs :). A big hug coming your way too, especially for today. Love to you and thank you for thinking of me xxx

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I posted this on ‘Stand & Stare’ but adding my own ‘Get Away’ experience which I hope will encourage others. Another time I’ll share more.

I have done some solo breaks, by choice, and it has been bittersweet, particularly when I have been to places we loved. Last one saw me get very upset as I arrived and stood at a spot I could see both of us sitting only 18 months before. But for me it’s not a negative experience, it’s part of healing and letting memories in. I plan a challenge each time, walking volcanos, Jeep experiences, next one is exploring the capital of Tenerife. Travelling there on the local bus and staying overnight. If I chat to people, that’s good, if I don’t, that’s absolutely fine too. You see, I don’t feel I’m on my own, Jimmy is never far from my side. Of course I need to consider my safety and not take risks. I travelled with my work before I retired, so I suppose that helps me. I have a long list of places to visit/explore, with firm plans for next year. Best thing about going away? Returning to my home, full of memories which gives me true peace. None of this is what I want, what I want I can’t have, so I have to carry on, grateful that I have been able to experience Jimmy close by. Sometimes I wonder where I get the strength to carry on, then I realise it’s from the love we shared for 47 years…which didn’t end last year when he passed away. It remains within.