Getting married without my dad here

My dad passed away in November 2018, he was the most important man in my life and I loved him more than anything. Before he died I came out of an 8 year relationship, he was with me every step of the breakup, making sure I got up and didn’t just lie in bed sobbing. Fast forward to Jan 2019, I met the most amazing man and I’m now engaged to be married in June 2022. However, the thought of my dad not being there to walk me down the aisle absolutely terrifies me and makes me want to cancel everything. As much as everyone says ‘he’ll be there with you’ the way I feel right now is that I just can’t do it without him! It’s making me not even want to plan the wedding or put any effort or energy into anything for that matter.

Woog93, my heart aches for you, yes your dad will be there and he would expect you to strong.
I can understand how you feel after everything you have been through but it’s nice to know you have found a fantastic man and you want to spend the rest of your life with him, that’s beautiful.
Your special day isn’t until next year which is plenty of time to organise the things that will make it even more special. Ok the big things have to be done but don’t try to do everything.
Take a deep breath and try to relax about how you feel and by later this year you will be thinking everything will look different. Other words give it time. Take extra care. S xx

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I cant begin to under stand how you feel but i try because my son is getting married in3 week he should have got married last October but due to covid it was postponed if things had gone to plan his dad would have been there took him ages to get in the right fram of mind and my daughter is getting married next year she has asked me to give her away which will be hard as it should be her dad and shes not having a first dance because of what your ment to do after at my sons znd probably my daughters to we are still laying a place for their dad with his photo it will be a very hard day but i know its what he would want and will be so happy for them .your dad sounds like a wonderfull man and he would be so proud snd happy that you have found someone to look after you and love you like he does also my daughtef is doing somethings in his memory like using his fav flower i wish you the best and my heart goes out to you x

I can totally understand your feelings and they are very relevant and very real. I would like you to think that if your dad gave you that much support and energy during your awful break up, would he want you to not be happy now and know it was because of him. When you look at your fiancé do you think OMG my Dad would have really liked you, if so, then you already now deep down that he would approve and want to give you his energy once more to get up and plan your special day. You could always have a memory ladder or a memory table with photos of you and your Dad enjoying life - he will be watching and will love the fact that you have included him even though he can’t be with you in person. I wish you all the luck in the world in this hard time of nasty thoughts, I hope your special day goes off with a hitch and that you live the life your Dad always wanted for you :gift_heart: :hugs: