Getting married

My mum died on 07.02.17. I nursed her in my own home for the last 10 days of her life with the help of Hospice at home. My dad has Parkinsons Disease so now I feel totally responsible for his care. My fiancé proposed to me on Christmas day, he knew time was running out for my poor mum and knew I would want her to know my future was settled (divorced and aged 50).

We are getting married abroad next Easter but every time I try to arrange anything i.e. the resort, looking at wedding dresses etc -{who else takes the future groom with them looking at wedding dresses, but I needed his support. }I am just getting too emotional to deal with it

I want to get on with my life and make the most of each day as now realise how short life is. How do I deal with this as really don’t want to wait any longer to get married.

So sorry for your loss. I lost my mum unexpectedly in Feb this year. My sister is getting married this August in Greece. We are just going to make it a really special day as we believe she will be with us. Have you looked at the personalised broaches you can buy for a boquet? You can have a photo of your mum put on to it. Also, what about a photo of your mum and boquet at the seat she would of been sat? She would want you to enjoy your day as if she was there with you x

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Sorry to hear about your loss. The emotions that come up for me after loosing my mum can be so overwhelming. I definitely understand that trying to arrange a wedding can make this even harder, especially when you may wish she could walk you through it all. I try to be gentle with myself and let the emotions be okay whilst living my life. Its okay to be emotional, its okay to cry. Everyone processes grief in their own way and there is no right or wrong way to grieve or live after the death of someone you love. Sometimes accepting the emotions as healthy release and setting aside time each day to release whatever emotions have come up for you that day helps to focus on other things the rest of the day. Moving on is only worth it when looking after yourself at the same time so allow yourself to take it easy sometimes.
I hope you figure out what works best for you and that somehow we all find some kind of peace within the pain.
Love and peace x