Getting through husbands 65th Birthday

Well with my children’s and granddaughter support today I got through Mick’s 65th birthday 1st one without him in 37 years how hard was it I can’t begin. The tears don’t stop we tried to celebrate because he loved birthdays. I would have had the biggest party for him if he was here and no lockdown
My son had this 3D lamp made


I think it is fantastic that with your familys support you have done such an amazing job for his birthday, Its amazing you have the strength to celebrate the things he loved and I hope I can do the same for my dad, he has only been gone 6 weeks and I feel I’m falling apart the grief overwhelms me, so being able to see how you have done this fills me with hope.

your husband would be so proud

take care and keep remembering all those special times x

Sorry for your loss. My children are 24 and 27 my son lives at home to be fair it was there ideas i have to stop and think that they have lost there dad and support them as well as i know they are struggling with grief, your right its so over whelming but hopefully in time the pain will ease. Its 10 months for us my son does not open up. I am sure you make your dad proud xx
Love to you xx

You did Mick proud Kim :kissing_heart:

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Thank you not the same them not been here. How are you x

No it’s not Kim, sadly nothing will never be the same again :cry: Can’t believe we are still facing every day without them but what other choice do we have. You are doing so well, when you think how bad we were in the early days we have come a long way even if we don’t think we have :kissing_heart:

Your right. I said to my sister I’m not coping well she said you are you are coming up 12 months nothing will ever be the same in your life but you have got this far.
Take care x

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