Getting through the funeral

Hi all, im new to this group iv just stumbled across it while desperately searching for things to help me with my feelings about having to say goodbye to my dad tomorrow at the funeral, this isn’t first loss I haven’t ever lost anyone close until now. Me and my dad was inseparable I’m 29 and he’s 62 for all these years he has been my rock my best friend and not a day went by I didn’t either see him or spend hours on video call to him, he passed suddenly after a 3 and a half year battle with a brain tumor he beat the odds but that doesn’t make it any easier. I’m dreading tomorrow the funeral I’m so scared because I know it’s so final. Seeing the coffin I just can’t bare to think about it iv had nightmares and they were bad enough, I don’t know how I’m going to do this he was my world and I’m so broken :broken_heart:


hello marie, i’m so sorry for your loss. grief is the final responsibility of loving someone. you are not saying goodbye to your dad. wherever he is, he’ll always and forever be in your heart. my heart goes out to you.


My deepest sympathies. :heart: I don’t know if you’ve already been through it now, but if not, I’m sending you hugs and strength. It feels final and I didn’t think I could do it either, but somehow I managed. Somehow we do. And it’s perfectly understandable if you weep or cry during the ceremony. I hope you have people around you, both at the funeral and after, and please keep posting here if you want to, many of us have lost our dads and can relate.


I lost my dad on the 2nd and had the same relationship you describe. I don’t think a funeral is ever easy. I carried my dad in and I didn’t regret taking him on his last journey at all. Take lots of deep breaths. I did a speech and managed to not get upset by imagining the people infront of me weren’t there. I looked at a picture of him as I spoke and felt him with me. You get through it somehow but it’s not easy.
Here if you want a chat x