hi guys is there any support groups that I can join my girlfriend of 5 years pass away on 30th june 2020

Hi @East1234567 I’m sorry to hear about your girlfriend passing away. I really hope you’re able to find the support you’re looking for.

I have found a couple of support groups that you may like to look into:

  • Cruse - they offer a range of support options such as a helpline, email support, and online live chats.
  • Good Grief Trust - have been running virtual bereavement cafe sessions via video call which is a place where bereaved people can come together to support one another.
  • Mental Health Mates - organise walks for people struggling with their mental health to come together for peer support. At the moment they are running virtually over Zoom.

I hope these are helpful. Keep us updated with how you’re feeling and remember that we’re here for too :yellow_heart:

Hello. I am so sorry for your loss. I don’t know why you have had no answer to your question from any others on the site. I don’t have the answer to your question (apart from on here) but I have asked Sue Ryder if they can help. I am sure they will contact you soon. AnnR