Hi my girlfriend died the 25th of july last month am finding it hard to cope as she was my life she took her own life I cant and dont really want live here anymore trying to get on with my life but it hurts so much I myself have now started taking depression tablets to help me threw the day they dont seem to be helping but dont think I have been on them long enough but am also worried about having to pay the rent on my own and finding it had to pay for essential things getting less money now but having to pay more out my worries while am living here seem to be never ending am afraid to say I think I prob would of done the same if I didn’t have my little dog shes my only company now thanks for listening.


Hi thanks for your kind words and sorry for your losses too it is hard to believe that she is gone and finding it hard to cope not only that but the hospital also thought I had also tried to harm myself and would not let me go for a cigarette when trying to leave I was jumped on by security and have a replacement hip as they broke it but during been in hospital I saw my girlfriend 3 times while being in there I am suing the hospital security but it doesn’t help bring her back also am being threatened by my landlord for eviction as I can no longer pay the full rent as we were I have no gas but Will have to deal with it her cremation was a fortnight ago today and dont no what am going to do thanks again

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