Going back to work

Hello all, My wonderful Mum passed away 2 weeks ago after a short battle with leukemia :weary: I gave up my job to care for her and it was left open…my intention is to return in May. I feel so many mixed emotions and awful that life is somewhat going back to normal. Do others have these feelings? I miss her so much and she was the one person I wanted to tell my news to. :pensive: feel so sad.


It’s been 8 weeks since I lost my mum. I’ve still not managed to go back to work. Like you, it’s things going back to ‘normal’ when life is far from normal right now. I know I have to go back at some point and it might even do me some good but right now I can’t face it. I have discussed a phased return with my manager so maybe that might be the best first step for me.

Nic x

Hello Nic, thankyou for your reply. Sorry to hear about your Mum. Do you not find greeting a very lonely process no matter who you have around you. So so sad. Its early days for me and I feel like it hasn’t hit me properly. I’m not crying all the time…why when she was my dear Mum?!? X

Sorry I meant grieving

I don’t seem to have many people around at the moment. It’s like people think I’m ok now. But I’m not. It is very lonely. Just because you don’t cry it doesn’t mean you don’t care. Everyone is different and everyone grieves differently x

I think as soon as funeral is over people get on with life and we are left reeling unfortunately. It’s very sad :weary: always here if you need to talk. X

Hi Katie1987, I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my mum recently to cancer, we’ve had the funeral and I’m a similar position to you. Everyone has paid their respects and now we have to continue with my our life like nothing has happened. Everywhere I turn all I see are things that remind me of my mum. The thought of even going back to work also reminds me of my mum. I work from home and she was always here with me. I can’t even face going back yet

Hi all So sorry to muscle in your thread but I just can’t seem to get it together today. I lost my Mum to cancer as well in November. I work from home luckily but go into the office every Tuesday. I pretend to be normal and say things like “I’m fine thank you and how are you” when I’m far from fine and then I have to listen to colleagues bleating on about their lives. I can’t hear a word they say as I switch off and just nod and grunt in the right places, isn’t that terrible. She used to call me all the time when I worked, now my phone doesn’t ring at all. I don’t even get it out of my handbag as it sitting there is a reminder of that. I see all the places at work when I used to talk to her in private when we’d make plans for the weekend or if she had some pointless thing to tell me that couldn’t wait. I miss all this and I miss her so much. I have so much to tell her and the list of things to talk about will only grow and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do about that. I tell myself “small steps” but it’s hard whilst the world keeps turning. Thanks for reading. I’m so sorry you are suffering as well. It’s so incredibly hard isn’t it.


Thank you. Same here for you x

Hello, yes it is so hard and I’ll be honest I don’t think it will get better. I said to my husband this isn’t just a couple of weeks of heartache this is my life now, one without my Mum and all the things she is going to miss. Sending you love.

Hi all, thanks for responding. It’s just so difficult to even continue and like you’ve said even the little small things cause so much pain x