Going back to work

How did people find going back to work?
I have had a month off. My boss has been nothing but supportive. She’s been amazing at not pushing me to go back. But I feel I need to get back in a routine. I’m not scared of going back I enjoy my job but I am a retail store manager. So stress is high. I’m expecting the how are you questions. But I get tired after a couple of hours atm so worried about a full day and coping throughout the day


It might be worth considering returning on some sort of phased return on shorter hours initially- i assume there must be a deputy store manager or someone covering for you currently ? Its worth speaking to your line manager - if they are being supportive then hopefully they should consider it . Or if you have annual leave that needs to be taken before the end of March, use this to work shorter weeks initially rather than going straight in at the deep end. Best of luck!

Hi @Loopy92

It’s good to hear that your manager has been very supportive, but I understand that going back to your job can feel very daunting, especially how you may react when people ask seemingly normal questions which now feel quite upsetting like ‘how are you?’.

It may be helpful to have a read of our article ‘Returning to work after a bereavement’ It has lots of advice about managing your return to work and may be something you’d like to share with your manager so they can continue to be supportive too.

Please let us know how you get on and take good care :blue_heart:

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As Ally said, you need a phased return. I’m not back at work yet but my employers said that when I feel ready I need to request a fit note from the doctor that says that I am fit enough to return but on reduced hours.

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Thankyou all :slight_smile:
My boss called and I can go back on whatever hours I need atm. Offered me more time off paid but I really need to find a routine and rhythm again without dad being part of my daily life.
He was so much involved in when I planned my day I’m going to find it hard but I wouldn’t go back to work ever if I have more than a month off. X