going home in your mind

I would catch my dad drifting back to the more pleasant past.

I do this now too.
I spend time going home to them in my mind, through memories.

It is like a drift and I leave this world and I am back … I never married
as I never met or did not recognize, the fantastic man.

So I drift in my mind home back to my dad, finding comfort in so many memories …
He is gone ten years my mom since 2016 but it is like not one day has passed.

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oh I so do too :slight_smile: wish it were real I am continually shocked it is gone

i can understand this. I light a candle and take time in day to remember him.I put up photos on wall of places he took me to .That can help. I keep a memory book things he said and examples . I can still see him in my mind and see him at home but also with me where ever i am. I also try and remember his good examples that he set and copy them so i am walking in his footsteps


I am doing the same for my dad I am reading some of my old journals and the visits we had and what we talked about so glad I recorded it all it takes me back and is in someway comforting as I have it written down as I can’t comprehend that he’s not coming back

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I so understand. mine is gone ten years and time makes no difference. he is still my dad. :sparkling_heart: