Going place's on my own

Today i went to a summer fete on my own sat and had a coffee on my own it’s just not the same. Put dogs in dog show we used to do this together had to have both with me in different classes cause no one to leave them with, felt so alone came home and cried :cry: .


Well done, it’s so hard trying to do things on your own. Although I’m now over a year into this I still find new things and places a challenge, plus doing things we used to do together. Take care xx

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Well done, and what beautiful dogs. I think you are very brave and I hope I can do things on my own eventually. The bravest thing I have done on my own is go to Asda and for a walk. Xx


Thanku and yes they are beautiful but then im biased. :dog: willow and milo

I agree hard to do things on your own. You were very brave. Your little dogs are lovely