Going to a funeral after my Husband

My husbands funeral was 7th May , a week after that was my cousins , I didn’t attend that as I am in Devon and his funeral in Liverpool , but I did watch it live stream . Next week I will be attending my first funeral since my husband’s, a girl who I worked with only 35 and had left a 4 year old daughter , I was very humbled when she came to my Nicks she hauled herself out of her wheel chair to hug me, she said she needed to be there for me ! (Even though she knew she was dying herself ) Now next week is hers , I really feel I want to go for her the way she was there for my Nicks , Nicks was at the Crematorium but this one is at church the one where my son was christened so it will be a different place, but knowing how sad Nicks was and he was 65, I feel this will be very sad. And overwhelming someone age 35 , but I can’t be selfish and just think “oh no I can’t go etc “


Hi @Jane15
I think you can be selfish and not attend, if only for your own emotional well-being. Your late colleague was young, her funeral will be well attended, probably packed out with standing room only. (When my Steve died aged 61, we had 2 rooms at the crem and a lot if people still had to stand outside and watch on screens.)
Yes, she attended your Nick’s funeral she did it to support you. Perhaps you can step in at a later date to support her child and family, once you feel a lot stronger. We all know how support drops off after the funeral.
You’ve been through too much already, don’t put yourself through more if you can help it. Maybe write to the family before the funeral, explaining that you will be in touch at a later date?
I hope this helps.