Going to bed alone.

I’m watching something mindless on TV, but I’m really thinking about going to bed. The same room we shared for 43 years. Still sleep on my side, don’t stray over to Phil’s. Sleep with an old t-shirt but his smell has faded. Room will never be the same but neither can I bring myself to move into another. How do others cope with bedtimes?

Hi im only into 6 weeks of losing my partner what i do is put pillows on his side of bed it just fills that empty space and give me something to cuddle along with his shirt it just gives me some comfort i miss him so much x

Hi, I still sleep on my side, have left his side as it was. I too cuddle his pjs, a big difficulty for me was going to bed cold as Tim was like my hot water bottle, always warming me up. I found the first few nights alone really hard. I bought myself a heated blanket, and whilst obviously not a replacement for Tims warm cuddles, it makes going to bed a lot less unpleasant for me. It’s at least cozy and warm . I recommend it to anybody struggling with a cold bedtime x

I lost my husband in July and about three years before we slept in separate bedrooms mostly because of his snoring, so now I’ve lost him I pretend he’s sleeping next door, But oh how I wish we had not had separate rooms I might have picked up on his illness sooner he was hiding so much from me he hated doctors


Hi I lost my husband in June, we had been married for 50 years. I too put pillows at his side of the bed , I still sleep on my side of the bed. My feet are always so cold so for the last few nights I have been taking a hot water bottle to bed with me . I usually read for a while . I miss Jim so much, I didn’t know I could cry as much as I have done the last 5 months. Hope you all get a sleep tonight . Love Jan xx


You too Jan, sleep well. Try the heated blanket…works a treat on cold feet x

Thank you all for your replies. I did sleep a little. I’ve just got up it’s about 5.45. Cold, wet, wndy morning. I’d like to say I’d still be in bed if I didn’t have to go to work, but I probably wouldn’t. What can I say, another day without him another day of despair. Take care of yourselves. Gill xx

Due to my MS me and Richard slept in seperate bedrooms…For me it is not the going to bed at night but the getting up very early in the mornings that hits me, affects me the most, the reality that soon sets in that he is not in his bedroom, not in the home…anywhere, and will never be in his bedroom ever gain…of course i have myself a cry as i contemplate another empty and pointless day ahead of me without him…


Hi Jackie. Thank you for your message. Not sure how to open it !!