Gone (Poem)

To my darling Alan

You left this world, no sound was heard
I had not an idea
That life on earth would end for you
And you would not be here.

You were gone before I knew it
No chance to say goodbye
I cannot grasp that you’re not here
Or know the reason why.

Your end came swift and fast
And I could not be there
To hold your hand and comfort you
Is much more than I can bear.

I wish I could rewind the clock
And have known now what I know
I could have hugged you one more time
Before you had to go.

In my heart I’ll hold you close
And there you shall remain
Until my time on earth has come
When we shall meet again.


Yes, I would love to turn the clock back. Many thanks S xx

@sad2 hi sad that is beautiful and sad it pulls at the heart it’s obvious from your posts and poems how much you love Alan and miss him if only we could all turn back time take care sending hugs x

Thank you for your kind words ad thoughts Casey.
IF ONLY. These must be the two saddest words in the world.
Take care xx