Good days and bad

So my dad died in May 2019 after less than a years battle against pancreatic cancer, I was in a serious motorcycle accident breaking my back and other bits in July 2019 my mum died in January 2020 after some health issues but nothing that we thought would take her then covid hit … my cat died too in January 2021 but I know that for some people that doesn’t hit home… for me it does

I was so close to my parents both were under 70

I go through ups and down but right now is down

This community has been so supportive and I hope I’ve help others but right now I don’t know how to get over this I’m just so broken

Please someone tell me this is normal … because right now I feel like a complete failure


Dear Scarlet,

What makes you think that you are a ‘complete failure’? I am sure you are not. Experiencing ups and owns in life, and especially in grief, is very normal. Admitting that sometimes we feel very low and broken takes courage, and others should be supportive when we express how we feel.

You have gone through a lot in a short space of time, and your life has changed as a result. It will take time to adjust to this new life. I don’t think we ever ‘get over’ the loss of loved ones. The pain will get less over time, and we will learn to live with it, but there will always be an empty space left by those we lost.

I hope you have good friends or family members who are there for you in the ups and downs. It i goo to read that this online community has been a place for you where you can give and receive support too. Keep posting. xx Jo

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Oh Scarlet what a lot you’ve been through. First of all how are you physically, have you recovered from your accident? In such a short space of time you’ve had such a lot to cope with. And yes losing your cat was a big thing on top of everything else. Be kind to yourself & accept their are going to be bad days but we’re here for you.

Sending hugs

Anita xx