Good grief?

Just watched this documentary presented by Richard Coles. I was not expecting too much yet a lot of it resonated.

I probably cannot join the grief cruise in the US but I would like to try laughter yoga and animal therapy at some point in the future.

The Table group also looks like a great idea although I may be a bit too old (56), then again us older people have much to contribute.

Perhaps we should open a specific chat about things to try out?


I’ve just watched it too, I don’t live far away from the laughter yoga lady or the boxing club, probably should be open to new ideas.
I was okay watching it until the adverts before the last section, one of the adverts started me off, then just seeing all those photos on the wall of the grief cruise.

I do like the idea of sharing a lunch with like minded people.

Debbie X


I just sobbed through most of it :sob:

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I felt a bit mixed about it to be honest.
I would have liked to have heard more from some of the other participants but, I can understand that it may have felt a bit intrusive for some people who may not have wanted to speak on camera.
The Scottish lady singing the song he wrote had me in pieces and I do like Rev. Richard.
Good to focus on the topic though and it does need wider discussion to promote more understanding.


I recorded it to watch later. But just picking up on a point you made Debbie, about sharing a lunch with like minded people. That is something that I would like but finding something in my area seems non-existent. No bereavement groups, nothing. It seems that there isn’t any provision for people in this category even though there is so many of us in this dreadful position.

Take care everyone.x


Hello. Goggle 'Meet up .and type in your area I found a local group that way that meet up.once a month for lunch and try your local community centre to see what they have going on I found a Tai chi group that is good company too. Xx