Good memories, bad memories, everything hurts right now

I know it has only been 11 days since I lost Andrew, but whether I think of the good memories we shared or the bad ones (of him dying), I feel the same. Anguish, guilt and extreme tiredness. Does anyone else feel like that?

I had to collect his death certificate today and it took all the strength I had left to get out of the house. I was shattered when I got back.

Tomorrow I am meeting with the funeral director and I am not looking forward to it one little bit. I hope I can hold it together.

My overwhelming feeling right now is to run away from it all.


So sorry to hear this, I had a meltdown at the funeral directors but they were great , I think you need a certain empathy for that job and so they will do their best to help you. Easy to say but try not to put on any added pressure, I am living one day at a time else I get overwhelmed.
Good luck for tomorrow and onwards, people do get to a stage where they are able to live some kind of life, I hope we all do. Sending love
Joe x

Those feelings are totally normal, I still feel like that 8 months down the line, it’s not easy losing someone you love dearly, he was also called Andrew, I hope tomorrow goes ok, take care x

My darling husband Gary passed away January 2022. We were 17 when we met and would have celebrated our 50th anniversary this year. I just dobt know how to carry on without him, iwe did everything together and looked forward to our retirement, miss him so much everyday. Im crying constantly, would rather stay indoors lying on our bed where i feel he is with me. We have a lovely family and friends, but they have theirvown lives. Gary had alzeimers when he was 58. Yes life is shit.

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