Good morning 🤗

Good morning all,

What a beautiful morning. How is everyone today? How is everyone really feeling?

I woke up feeling quite positive this morning, not sure why as it’s 5 weeks today that my beautiful Andrew said farewell for now.

I’m thinking of what I miss about my Andrew this morning without tears :thinking:

I miss everything about my beautiful man. I miss that he always put me first, always wanted me to be happy, I miss the warmth he brought to my life, I miss him calling me his princess :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: even after 18 years together (I’m far from a princess but I was his, that’s all that matters). I miss my soulmate (he is my soulmate, I had a reading with a medium and they said he is now my guide in life and this wasn’t our first life together and will not be out last! How exciting, wonder if I would recognized him!:blush:)

I miss how we wholeheartedly loved each other and that I always felt it was me and him against the world. I miss the sense of purpose of making things nice for him and cooking him nice meals. I miss Sundays as they used to be, Sundays were our day it was the only day we had to ourselves and we really enjoyed our time together, they were the best times.

I miss being able to offload and whine about work! Although I’m not back yet, but it’s still good to have a moan :joy:

I miss sharing my life, I miss the comfort, the knowing your person has your back no matter what.

I miss him checking in throughout the day, he always text me on his way to work, when he got there, breaks times and on the way home. I know it’s silly but I compulsory check my phone for “messages” I still do text him as that’s helping me.

I miss the kisses, cuddles and his words of confidence. I miss how proud he was of me, I miss my personal cheerleader :yum:

I miss my Andrew xx


I agree, it’s not good when your other half is gone. I can’t compare my 13 months with Steve to your 18 years together, but I can resonate with your feelings. Checking in with each other throughout the day, looking forward to the next meeting, someone who cares for you and puts you first in everything. I miss that, too, SO much.
Hot, sunny day here today. I’ve been out on my ebike for the 2nd time (scary!), and now pottering about in the garden. Somehow I’m feeling happy today. :people_hugging:



Yes I miss being someone’s favourite person :heart:

13 months or 18 years it doesn’t matter. It’s a big part of your life that has been taken away. I really don’t know who I am anymore or who I’m supposed to be. When you share your life for many years it’s really hard to adjust. I always had my shit together, confident and thought I knew me. I do wonder “who am I without you” I always referred to us as “we” but now its “me” how scary!

I’m 37, Andrew was only 47 when he passed away suddenly. We should have had many more years to share.

That’s really good that you’ve been out on your bike , I’ve been cleaning through! So much more to do when you’ve gotta do all the jobs!

Hope that you still keep positive :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s mad this grieving malarkey,.I feel like jekyll and hyde most days.



Thats lovely :heart_eyes:
I miss things like that too, reading it brought a tear to my eye x


I miss the txts and checking in :sleepy: x

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Today is month 6 for me. I still miss my husband everyday. I know I have to live this new life I was dealt with, but part of me died the day he passed. Just like all of you, miss the daily texts.


Your words resonate well. Although my husband did not text me every day, he always called my name whenever he needed me from the bedroom as he was not mobile for a while.
Like you, I feel part of me died on that terrible day. I do not want nice ‘memories’ but I want his voice and physical presence! Yet I cannot turn back the clock. Time just passes. I am still struggling to accept that he is not with me after nearly 3 months. I miss him so much every day.


I am so sorry for your loss. It’s a terrible journey we are all on. I don’t think we ever fully recover, but we learn how to function again. I do know I’m not the same person I was before my husband’s passing. I talk to him every day. Sending strength your way