Good to share

I would love to talk , cry, be honest with others who are going through the same … I feel I should be carrying on which I am but I hate this new life xx


Hi, I am sorry no one else as answered your cry for help. I use to volunteer on this site but now just pop on when I can but I know there’s many more feeling the same. Can I suggest you look locally for bereavement groups, there’s a web site with details regarding groups but sorry my memory fails me. Local Facebook site may be worth a look or your local library. I live in a small village but we have 2 such groups, both totally different but it’s which suits you best. I do hope this helps but this site is always here for you. S xx

Dear @Poppins I’m so sorry for your loss which I understand from your profile is your mum. I feel same as you do still, having lost my mum two years ago during the first lockdown. Like you I try to carry on, but do not like this new life. I’m happy to listen, talk and cry with you, if it would help? I don’t know if you its the same for you, but there has been, and still is, very little ‘live’ support where I live. This is why 2 years belatedly, I turned to this forum. Obviously it’s not quite the same as a face to face group but all here are struggling with loss and grief, and it’s clear that there are no quick fixes to feeling better and experiencing joy and hope again. But I do think it helps to talk to others and not feel quite so alone. Thinking of you and sending a big hug xx