I have been using this site since shortly after my husband’s death.
It has helped me connect with others who understand exactly what all of us are going through each and every day.
With this new site I have neither the energy or patience to get to grips with it.
This is from someone who has used computers for far too many years to mention!
I was going to leave but thought I’d give it another go, bit like Frank Sinatra, the long goodbye.
The site doesn’t work for me I’m sorry to say!
Now I want to thank all the wonderful people who, through their thoughtfulness, have helped me cope through these difficult months.
A big thank you to Pattidot for her humour and compassion, to Yorkshirelad50 for his wit and thought provoking posts and so many others too numerous to mention.
My best wishes go out to all of you for your future.
Thank you.


Now that’s a shame. Can you give it more time? I have never known a new website start up with no problems. It’s very difficult to please everyone. I do appreciate what it’s like when in grief to have to rack your brains to try and concentrate, but strangely I have found it takes my mind off me, which can only be a good thing. If there’s something I don’t understand I leave it and come back later when my mind is fresher.
It’s sad to see people like you leaving the community when we can do with folk who understand. If you must go you must, but it’s still a pity.
Very best wishes in all you do.

Hi, I’ve sent you a private message, just click on the 1 in the top right hand corner of your screen and then click on the envelope…apologies if you already knew this, xx

Please don’t leave, I so enjoy our ‘chats’ and sometimes banter. Like you I am fast becoming frustrated and just think ‘I’m too old for all this’. and l have been connected with computers for more years than I care to remember. The other night I couldn’t get things right and lost patience but like Jonathan says I switched off and tried again the next day. I did burn my dinner as I became so involved with trying to get things right, so that was the final straw and I decided like you to go. However the next day I gave it another go and got things right. Still don’t like it and would love to log on and be back with the old format. I don’t need all this fancy stuff to sent a friendly message, I can do all that on my own e-mails and correspondence.
Give it another go. Keep it simple, just send a message, that’s what I’m trying to do but ashamed to admit I haven’t a clue what some of the icons even mean and never heard of some of the things. Will have to ask younger members of my family!!!
Pat xxx

Do hang in there. I’m finding the changes a bit baffling too but it always helps that whenever I log in I see a comment that echoes my own feelings, which helps with the whole dreadfully hard business of finding a way through grief. And anything that helps is worth hanging on to.