Just heard a beautiful song by Lionel Richie and it’s brought me to tears (again).

I wanted you for life, you and me in the wind
I never thought there’d come a time that our story would end
It’s hard to understand but I guess I’ll have to try
It’s not easy to say goodbye

For all the joy we share, all that time we had to spend
Now if I had one wish, I’d want forever back again
To look into your eyes and hold you when you cry
It’s not easy to say goodbye

I remember all those great times we had
So many memories, some good, some bad
Yes and through it all, those memories will last forever

There’s peace in where you are, maybe all I need to know
And if I listen to my heart, I’ll hear your laughter once more
And so I have to say I’m just glad you came my way
It’s not easy to say goodbye



Oh Sad2 thank you so much for posting the words of the song
Beautiful words from someone like us who can remember the good times and not so good but has to say goodbye
Goodbye is so hard
On Saturday I finally found a new home for my husbands electric wheelchair
This was his life
He couldn’t move at all over the last 6 years and hadn’t walked for over 25 years but in his chair he was alive and we could go out
I thought I’d be ok about it but now there is another empty space in my house
Another goodbye to a bit of him
Thank you Sad2 I’ll reread those words which are sadly comforting


Ps Sad2 meant to send you a huge hug
I’m in floods too
Lots of love and hugs


Thank You for your reply Rowans.
I keep listening to the song and looking at and talking to Alan’s photos.
It’s just so hard to believe that our loved ones are no longer here, but I am sure their spirit is always with us.
I lost Alan in January 2021. We only had 10 short years together, but I miss him so much.
Sending you my love and a big hug.
Take care.


Thank you Joan

Thinking about you and hoping tonight is easier

The grief hits in waves like a Tsunami, it arrives from nowhere and then is gone but we are left flattened and exhausted.

We will always miss them. My husband was the best.

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Dear @sad2 I chose this song for my husbands funeral just 4months ago and I cry every time I hear it. The words are beautiful



Yes it is a very beautiful and sad song. I lost my wife 17 months ago and I still I listen now from time to time to this song and it still has me in floods. I think that the words are so poignant and sad. Wishing you all the very best.
It still hurts !


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lost my wife 14 weeks ago, I have never heard the song before so looked it up on youtube, must admit I burst into tears, It’s now on my playlist
Thank you for that
take care steve

I hadn’t heard this song. At my husbands funeral in February I had Daniel O Donnell singing At the Rainbows End. I thought it was a beautiful sentiment to him until we meet again. I haven’t played it since as it’s too painful

until we meet again is the poem I have chose when I lay my wifes ashes to rest NOV 2ND. Our 20th wedding anniversary

What a lovely thing to do. I have my husband’s ashes at home with me. When it’s my time I want his ashes laid to rest with mine. We had been together 54 years married for 52.

My wifes ashes are with me I have bought a plot for both of us,I feel its time to let her rest, It also gives me purpose myself or the family can visit if that makes sense

It makes real sense Steve, I have his with me as I don’t yet know where it shall be. I need to downsize but unfortunately where I live I wouldn’t be able to afford a property. The family are in agreement that I wait until I move and then sort out where we can lay him to rest. It’s not an easy decision to make as I have lived here over 35 years. But needs must. I’m taking my time over it but hopefully by the end of next year I shall be ready to make the move

@jen64 Having seen your post, I just played that record. I’ve been having real problems rekeasing tears, but I sobbed my heart out, briefly stopped, then broke down again. Thank you, really helped me connect with my darling wife in the stars.

I still have my husband ashes i have them in a Chelsea casket as he was a big Chelsea fan and loved his football

Well, i have just lit a candle for my husband. Its 12 months today that we said a final goodbye to him. Getting through this first year has been tough, i have lost family members before but never felt as bad as this. I know its because he was my soulmate and my best friend, living the rest of my life without him will be hard but it will not get me down, he would not want me to wallow in self pity but get on with life as best i can. The decision to move is one that i shall be making in the next 18 months. My home doesnt feel the same anymore, my daughter cant bear to be in the house for too long as there are to many of his things around. I am slowly going through everything and deciding what to keep. Its hard letting things go but if there is no sentiment attached whats the point of keeping them. The children and grandchildren all have their own keepsake in remembrance of him and there are certain items i will never let go. I need to downsize to make life easier as i now have arthritis so stairs are going to be a problem going forward. Hence the need for a move.
No matter where i go he will always be with me, i can then sort out where i want his ashes to lie so when my time comes we will be together again


I have been slowly going through my wifes things , a hard thing to do , she passed in july and visit her grave often ,My thoughts are with you
Take care
steve xx

Steve, i have my husbands ashes at home, i agree it is hard but its necessary that we do this. Material things come and go but our memories will always be with us until we are together again
Take care

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