i am not sure if i should post this but its bereavement and thats what this is for .
Gorby , Mikhail Gorbachev has died and its a loss . Alright i didnt know him personally .but have followed some of his leadership and dealings with US . We had a phrase 'We all loved Gorby ’ and we did and i still do . He was a big deal at the time where i lived and we all liked him
What to do when its a former world leader ??? and you feel the loss ?
Always in my thoughts Gorby. You were a bright flame in the darkness .RIP

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Knock on effect
I have just posted about grief about Mikhail Gorbechev . Has Sue Ryder any thoughts for dealing with this when its a very well known person ???
I normally read Cold war books so thought i would get my books out on Gorby see his good examples and follow them . i dont know if a book of condolance would start in my area
But knock on effect is it brings it back about my dad
Two bright beautiful flames in the darkness gone . RIP

Hello @chiara, thank you for sharing your feelings with us.

We know that the death of a public figure can stir up emotions about our own losses. Our Head of Bereavement wrote this blog about this which you might find helpful. It’s called Grieving for a public figure. Please do keep reaching out here and if you feel like some extra support might be useful right now, our Online Bereavement Support has a few options to explore.

Take care

thank you for your reply . I have read Grieving for a public figure and it helps
I didnt know if i was being a bit silly at first but i really feel his loss as he was so popular and we just all loved this guy . He really tried hard for peace and i admire the guy for that .
Reading about him and his life as i have done brings him close but he really was a very popular person
Thanks for your help

Thanks for posting Chiara. It’s an interesting phenomenon how the death of a ‘public figure’ impacts on those who never met them. The only reason we are aware of them at all is of course because they are a public figure, and although we don’t ‘know’ them we do know some of who they are in their work, be it politics (Gorbachev). art or music etc.
I was heartbroken when George Michael died in 2016. I couldn’t believe how sad and bereaved I felt, and so sad for him to die so young. Of course I didn’t ‘know’ him but I did know what he put into his music and lyrics especially his solo work, was very much an expression of him, so it’s not entirely true I didn’t know him.
After a spurt of listening to his music in the immediate aftermath of his death I found it just too searingly painful to hear him and I’ve not been able to do so ever since which is terribly sad because I love his music. His album Older especially. Achingly beautiful songs on there. Songs of grief and loss.
I saw him in concert in 2012, gosh that sounds so long ago yet so clear in my memory. He was superb in his purple suit, and looked well (but what we see isn’t always everything) I was so fortunate to see him perform. Flawless and singing every note as if his life depended on it.
I feel grief for his absence even now and have stopped telling myself it’s not real because I didn’t ‘know’ him. I knew him through his music and that’s enough.

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Hi Bluebell 1 thanks for reply and understanding . Do you have George’s autobiography ???That might help . I read about Gorby his memoirs . The Heart Foundation have a sculpture in Sheffield Its a massive heart and you can have loved ones names engraved on it in memory of them . I had Gorby’s put on ! i didnt know if they would accept a Russian being British Heart foundation but they did !