Grandfather passed a week ago

Hello, my Grandfather suddenly passed at 11pm on Sunday 18th Feb. I’ve never lost someone I’ve been so close to, the pain is unbearable. I have no motivation to do anything, even getting dressed is difficult. I am going back to work tomorrow, last week I couldn’t stop crying, feel a bit angry and the worst thing is, knowing I’ll never see him again. He passed peacefully in his sleep but it wasn’t expected. He had dementia :frowning: . I’m dreading the funeral, I still feel numb, lost and so tired. :frowning:

Dear Katie,
Don’t go back to work too soon. I did and ended up in an awful state, Now signed off for 2 weeks. Funeral was last Friday so have this week to recover before going back. It doesn’t take away the pain or make the grief any less but you need to be kind to yourself

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Thank you @Bristolbelle. I’m so sorry for your loss too :frowning: Going to see how I get on, but I will get signed off if I need more time. This is a very surreal feeling, sometimes unbearable. Started making the arrangements today, just makes me miss Grandad even more :pleading_face:.