Grandparent loss

I lost my grandfather a week ago and can go hours feeling fine before being hit by a sudden numbness and sobbing, when I cry it feels like an overreaction, yet when I’m fine I feel like I’ve forgotten him or aren’t grieving enough-not sure how to navigate any of this?

Hi Lucy
I am sorry for the loss of your grandfather , I was very close to both by grandfathers and although many years since they died i still miss them.
Firstly crying is not an overreaction at all and you must cry over your loss and this is totally normal. I have cried so much over the last 3 months since my partner passed away some days wonder where they all come from. It is important you deal with your loss now and dont try to bottle things up inside you.
There will be times when you dont cry and do things but this does not mean you have forgotten him at all. He wouldnt want you upset all the time. He will always have a place in your heart Lucy so grieve for him and in time the rawness of your emotion will get less.
Also it is important to talk so tell your family and friends how you feel and dont worry about being upset in front of them.
Take care
Carol x

I’m sorry about about your partner and thanks for the reply-this was the first person I ever lost but what you’ve said is certainly helpful