Greif attacks

Does anyone else find the emotions of a loved ones passing can bring on a grief attack i was struggling with this feeling, :sob:


Hi Robin, sorry for your loss. It’s hard enough losing them as it is but this time of year is so painful for so many people. We all deal with this in our own ways and do what we can to get through this living nightmare. It does help to chat on here as people understand what each other is going through.

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Constantly, I hope it gets easier.

@Robin3 A year after my dad passed (on the anniversary) i had exactly that, a grief attack.
The pain in my heart/chest was so great I thought I was having a heart attack. I was physically winded.
I didn’t realise until I lost my parents that grief could be so physical.

Don’t know what to feel today

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I’ve cried all morning, I have had 3 separate visits from a robin today so that’s perked me up. Sending you a hug.


My Dad passed 6 weeks ago. It was traumatic and so very painful. I am broken and have only in the last few days found any kind of healthy coping mechanism that works (sometimes). The first few weeks after he left I had daily panick attacks that literally floored me. I now have them every 2 or 3 days when I become overwhelmed, especially after his funeral. We got his ashes back a few days ago and I feel extremely overwhelmed again. After feeling like I couldn’t manage life anymore, I decided enough was enough and I’m slowly but surely finding things that i can do in those moments to help me catch myself before I spiral too far. It doesn’t stop the attacks coming but it reminds me that I can get through this, even at times when that feels completely impossible. Coming on here and readings others storeys and sharing my own has been a great help but I also find giving advice to those also struggling makes you realise that you too can get through this with your very own advice. Helping others helps me to look outside of my own grief and take a step back to reassess. I bought a simple colouring book on Amazon called Good Greif Works that I literally force myself to do when I feel the sick, shakey attacks coming on and it works well as an immediate distraction, although i do cry all over it! I also find a photo of my dad on my phone from a good time we had and remind myself that I wouldn’t be feeling this much loss without that much love. I dont want this agonising feeling of loss but i adored the amazing feeling of love. The trauma of his sickness and actual death is something I’m yet to find a distraction for, but when I do, I hope I’ll be able to share it with others going through the same. They say time helps, but I truly feel like keeping grief attacks at bay takes a lot of work, a lot of strength and a loads of fighting, that and finding little coping techniques that work specifically for you. This is such a horrendous and individual journey we are on, one which i wish none of us had to do.

Here for you xx

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I wish i could share my thoughts and feelings

Share them it does help.

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am writing this ahead of tomorrow when I will face the 1st anniversary for one of my friends and the 2nd anniversary for my other friend please

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