My sister passed away 1st dec suddenly only 31 just didn’t wake up im struggling so much i was ok and now im not again how do ppl cope with grief when life has to keep moving


Hi @Tarac86
When someone we love & care about passes, it’s no doubt a big shock. I don’t know about coping, I know when my mom passed, I don’t think I coped exactly, it was more like my brain went on autopilot, I still did normal everyday things, partly to try to keep some kind of normality, partly because I didn’t know what else to do. Everyone’s grief journey is personal to them, but there will always be moments to cry, moments to remember, sometimes moments to feel angry, or anxious, maybe moments when you feel you have questions about things, I know about a year after, I started to question what happens when someone passes, the important thing is that this is your grief journey, & it’s up to you how you feel you want to do that, take it a day at a time, & look after yourself, some people keep a diary of their thoughts & feelings, some keep a mood chart so they can keep track of things that trigger certain emotions, some talk to a photo of their loved one, or keep a memory box, you do what works best for you. Sending hugs of support.


Life keeps moving, but if you are able, take time and space for yourself to help slow it all down

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It’s hard to try and cope but you just have to take one day at a time cry scream do whatever makes your grief your grief I lost my beloved fiancé July last year suddenly it shook my whole world knowing I will never see him again life can be so cruel but we need to look after our selfs one day at a time as grief is really love with no place to go hang in their