Grief and ADHD

I lost my father (who I called Papa) on 31st January 2023. Its almost 4 months and I really am struggling. My ADHD symptoms are hard to manage at the best of times and also causes suffers to experience any type of grief on a collossal scale compared someone who does have ADHD. I feel I want to bury my head away from life right now, my responsibilities, work commitments etc… Which in some cases I read some people do. But feel I dont have the luxury when im self employed. I work alone and have bills to pay. Any unexpected day off results in cancelled appointments, inconvenienced customers and a loss of income. My income was hit hard in January as Dad’s downfall in hospital occurred over the month and I took time off work to be there with him. Not knowing if he would survive or not. Then planning his funeral and moving my Mum as she became homeless following his death… Im sorry I realised I have waffled on. I have signed up for Sue Ryder’s counselling help. I suppose I just need somewhere to put my thoughts. Maybe express some self pity.


I lost my husband in February but that also meant that my grown up children lost their father and so I can see some of what you’re going through. My daughter, 36, was recently diagnosed with ADHD and although she has been my rock has also had a number of meltdowns. My son, 32, was diagnosed with both ADHD and Autism as a child so he’s finding it particularly difficult. Really you just need somewhere to vent your feelings and to be honest this is the best place I’ve come across.


@Guineapig65 Thank you for your message. I do think it is useful to just vent. I am sorry to hear about your loss. I know a part of my Mum died when Dad passed away. She isnt the same and its hard needing to be her support. When she has always been mine. Sounds so selfish but I dont begrudge the change. Just realise how tough it is to adjust to.