Grief AND Divorce - double whammy!

My son lost his best friend last year at age 33 to diabetes suddenly and now his wife has left him too! He has to deal with a double whammy of loss - how do I help him - he’s putting on a good front but I know he’s struggling and won’t talk -we have moved in together for cost reasons - I am divorced from his father since he was 5 yes old - any advice would be appreciated thank you x

The fact that you have moved in together to reduce financial burdens is a huge help to him initially.
He will need help to rebuild his self esteem and reassess his life and options.
You will have always found solutions as he was growing up and know him so well.
Care and nurture shown in small everyday ways will help him rebuild and you will feel better too as he starts to grow stronger.
Take care x

So sad in my thoughts talk to the doctors sometimes outsiders can help he nay not want to put on you take care x