Grief and Memory Problems

I lost my Mam in October, the grief is still bad and I’m finding it’s affecting my memory. Has anyone ever experienced this too?

Hi Catherine, I’ve been exactly the same. It’s normal for the memory and concentration , even appetite ,energy levels, it’s normal for all this to be disrupted and compromised to a great extent. I can’t even turn on and watch any tv! Can’t concentrate, get absorbed… I wish I hadn’t renewed my sky subscription just before Dad was diagnosed. I would have cancelled it as it’s a waste of money now. But memory, enjoying tv, etc, it will come back one day.

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Yes, I can’t focus on anything and can’t remember what I did two days ago…

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I know, concentrating focus and memory are so bad since Dad died. I focus talking to friends about their lives and family, but don’t concentrate or apply myself to much more, especially as o live alone. I’m much better when friends come and get me out. Don’t worry about your memory being worse. It helps me to make lists of what it’s really inportant for me to remember and do each day- I leave the lists by my kettle so I can’t miss them.