Grief and music

I find that sometimes my emotions will now let me listen to music. In the early days after my son’s death I couldn’t. I just wanted to share with you a very beautiful song that may bring comfort. It’s called ‘Beyond the rainbows end’ by Daniel O’DONNELL…:revolving_hearts:


I too found it hard to listen after my husband passed away but it now gives me so much comfort and connects me to him. This is such a beautiful song, I hadn’t heard it before, thank you for sharing. hadn’t heard it before. Would you like a link put on?

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That’s a lovely song Orchard. Daniel O’Donnell was my mum’s absolute favourite. Thank you for sharing. xx

Yes please SanW that would be brilliant. I’m glad you like the song, I think it’s beautiful. It’s a lovely, poignant thought that our loved ones are waiting just beyond where the rainbow ends and will come and meet us when it’s our turn…:rainbow:

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My wife partner bestie, has passed recently, but any grieving began with Grandad then a nephew cut down so very young more relevant to this conversation, Dad, Edward or Ted, passed in 83,
From the 60’s into the 70’s one of us “boys” accompanied him in the van or lorry, at first the was the trannie, no not today’s version, and the 60s provided mainly the forces radio the bfbs, western music, Patsy Cline, then Cilla or Dusty. There memories considerable. Later 8 tracks, better car radios, from radio caroline to radio 1 or 2.
So the moments of feeling “blue”, became lighter as thosesongs have almost conveniently played, did Dad whisper in the ear of the Wogan. Mum and mum in law passed in 96, within very close days. Once again the appropriate tune, but often reminder of mum, a whisp of her scent, the effect calm and an inner piece.
My mum was a Glen Miller, Tom Jones, (oh suddenly a memory of Dad hip movements and her “tut Ted”,and her cute laughs) .
Doreen a suppressed 80’s head banger with heavy rock, again the day I walked in the back door to find the two very young daughters, mum Helen and grandma Doreen just "gone into oblivion and jiggling to Meat Loaf, then tunes from Bat out of hell, plus the rocky horror show.
So if they play plus a few others tears flood,
May they rest in piece, and as I feel lonely, be within as I know they really have only left in body.