Grief before loss

So I found myself grieving the loss of my wife before she actually passed.
It was the dealing with everything during a very long and hard cancer fight but I do feel that it has put some kind of perspective on the after life.
Perhaps this helped me move on so quickly, and I say move on to cover the whole process of living again.
Anyone else experienced a similar thing?

Hello Rich, I know what you mean and many in your circumstances have felt the same, I think it happens with partners of people with life limiting illness such as Parkinson’s and many others. It is still a shock when their loved one goes but they have already grieved and the process of grieving may be as bad but not as long.or a bit of both. Grieving is a funny thing anyway and we all accept that it’s different for everyone.
The main thing is that no matter what life goes on whether we like it or not and somehow we have continue on our own road. Take care and stay save. S xx

Hi Susie,

Yes you are right …life does go on as it should do.
It affects everyone in a different way but I believe that support by way of talking and actions is the key to a helpful process.
In intend to stay positive as what’s the alternative?

Staying positive is brilliant. Please keep posting and reading others post, we are all to support you. Look after yourself and I am sending you my blessings. S xxx