Grief (By Tiffany Natanson)

42 weeks have passed since I lost the love of my life, and it’s not getting any easier.

I travel this journey that I wish was untrue
I must go on somehow, somehow without you
Life doesn’t sparkle as it’s lost all of its charms
I wish I could hold you once more in my arms
Each day and each night I’m longing for you
I’ll imagine forever, that’s what I shall do
As I awake to face a new day
Pain is what greets me, it won’t go away
Sadly, it’s months now and my heart hurts the same
Time will help heal, or so they proclaim
I just won’t believe someday I’ll be fine
I know how I feel, it would just be denying
Truth is I know tears forever will flow
I’m so tired of hearing it’s time to let go
They haven’t a clue, this pain in my heart
No way at all for a fresh start
I guess I’ll pretend and wear this tight mask
I’m tired and weary, grief is a hard task.


Thank you for sharing the beautiful poem. I think it sums up how most of us are feeling.

Thank you for sharing the poem. Many will relate to it. Have you thought about chatting to a Counsellor. Sue Ryder Bereavement online offer a service and Cruse Bereavement (UK residents only).

There is a book by Gary Roe which is available in Kindle/Audio and Paperback called Comfort for The Grieving Spouse’s Heart which may be of help and comfort to you.

You are not alone and there is a topic Losing a Partner on here which will connect you to other members of the community who have been through the same experience as you. We are here for you to always. Take care.

Thank you Pepsi.
No, I’ve not thought of chatting to a Counsellor. I thought I could cope.
I will get a copy of that book, and hopefully it will be of some comfort.

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You are welcome Sad2. We are here to support you. Take care. xx

Thank you so much for this poem; it says everything we are going through. It has been 34 weeks since I lost my love of fifty years… The pain seems to be getting worse each day… I open my eyes and the ache and longing fill me… I am crying inside all the time…The thought that he will never, ever be here with us is too much and I just wish I had a self destruct button… I have a little dog and we go for our walk in the morning and then do the washing and sit all day long with the tv on but not watching… We only had sixteen days from diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer to the end and did not talk about it… I punish myself for not sharing it with him, but he did not bring it up although the doctors had told him… Gordon had three days at home after weeks in hospital… How can he be gone; my mind keeps saying ‘where are you, Gordon?’ We are all on this site going through our devastating loss… There is so much comfort here and is a place to go and share when the days are bleak…