Grief counselling for my partner

My partner lost his mother 3 years ago and his father when he was quite young but I don’t think he has ever had chance to grieve properly and I’ve noticed it’s started to affect his behaviour and attitude recently. I think he would benefit from grief counselling but how do I go about suggesting this to him without upsetting him?

Hi Soph3567,

Welcome to the Sue Ryder Online Community. I’m so sorry to hear that your partner has lost his parents and how it has started to affect him lately. It sounds as though this is really having an impact on you and your relationship, too.

You might find it helpful to read this conversation from a few months back, in which a user called Kittycat9 discussed getting support for her husband, whose grief was resulting in anger issues:

Have you talked to him at all about the change in his behaviour? Does he acknowledge that he has been different or that things have been tough lately? Perhaps if you brought up his actions in a non-confrontational way, and said that you were worried about him, that could be a good first step and help you see whether he is open or resistant to the idea?