Grief Counselling - when ?

When do you know it’s the right time to see a grief counsellor? I lost my soulmate, best friend, partner in crime, husband of 27 years unexpected 7 weeks ago. I have now thrown myself back into work, my employers have been great, but I need the distraction, my day off during the week is what I call my other work dealing the mountain of calls, filling in forms, sending off copies of documents to all those people we need to inform, I am so fed up with it. I have a great friend who is helping with the difficulty of things like having to fill in forms for probate, trying to get the bank to release money that was in his current account in order to pay the necessary bills but didn’t action things on their part when they should have done, so now having to make complaint letters! Life is tough without all these added extra things to deal with!

I have been told that in the past that I didn’t dealt with my dad’s death 20 years ago and I know I put it in a cardboard box at the back off my brain to deal with some point in my life but haven’t felt the need to deal with that - to me that was coping - some may say that’s a good thing, some might say it’s not, I guess we are all different, I was so close to my dad.

The unexpected sudden loss of losing my amazing husband feels so different to losing my dad, they were both amazing men and very important in my life, but I now begin to question whether I do now need to see a grief counsellor, but when? At the moment I feel so emotionally and physically tired that I don’t know whether now is just the right time to go - will it be off benefit now at this point, or is this me just using this as an excuse to put this in a cardboard box and not to deal with it?

When do we know when the right time is to start that process?

Hi JBNetty, if you look on the cruse website you can call them and they will let you know of your local area and office. I asked for help from them and also the hospice where my wife died. It is worth doing as they can offer help, even if you want to take it at a later date.

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Hi Timbo, thank you for the pointing me in the direction of Cruse, I will get in touch.

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