Grief Counselling?

Has anyone had grief counselling?

I get on really well with my GP and she persuaded me to ring Cruse, which I have done and I’m on a waiting list, but I don’t really understand how they’ll help? I don’t know what ‘normal’ grief is and how my grief is any different from that and I really feel like I should just be getting on with stuff.

Has anyone got any experience of it? Can anyone give me a vague idea of what to expect? Thank you x

hi yes i go to cruse i sit and chat for 45 mins once a month re the death of my wife .Im all alone it helps me have you tried the samaritans there 24 7 i ring them too you want any more info if i can help i will

Thanks, I’m not really suicidal, but I am struggling to get on top of my mental health. But I have pre-existing mental health problems. I struggling to see where they end and grief begins

A lot of people do find grief counselling helpful - it can’t take away your loss, but it gives you an outlet for your emotions with a neutral person and a chance to process your feelings. It may help you to understand how your grief is interacting with your existing mental health problems.

Please don’t feel that you should just be getting on with it. There is no timeline on grief and everyone is different, but in general it does take a lot longer than people think to come to terms with it.

There have been some other recent conversations on this site where people have talked about their experiences of counselling - perhaps it might help to have a read?

You don’t have to be suicidal to ring the Samaritans, by the way, and they do have the advantage of being there 24/7.

the samaritans arent there for just suicidal people if thats what you think.Ive explained to them im not suicidal i just need someone to talk to and they said yes phone whenever you want

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It really does help me I’ve just started counselling once a week via farleigh hospice they specialise in bereavement I felt nervous at the beginning but I could talk for hours tbh I felt like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders they don’t tell you how to feel or when you will feel better it’s somewhere for you to go to let everything out I have plenty of people to talk too but no one understands so the counselling helps me x

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Thank you, that’s really helpful. I feel like I have a number of people to talk to as well which is why I’m not sure how helpful it’ll be :confused:

Thank you, that’s really helpful x

Thank you :slight_smile:

I thought that when I lost my dad I have my hubby but he doesn’t understand if I talk to my dads partner we just cry so I found it easier to talk to someone who couldn’t judge me or didn’t know me I could just let it all out you may find it’s not for you but worth going to try it x