Grief, do You ever get over it?

Personally I don’t think we ever do and we just learn to live with it. Its got to be said that after losing someone life is hard with pain and loss. I find it very sad reading all the stories on this site and seeing how its a daily struggle for people to survive (I feel it too some days) but I feel I’m more fortunate than others when I read these truly sad stories. I remember many years ago someone discussing loss said to me that ‘time was a great healer’ or words to that effect and I’m often puzzled by it, well is it? Is it really? I don’t think so.
Like the ‘sticks and stones’ one as well puzzled me since words are so destructive. Fortunately nowadays we tend not to take notice of these things and realise there is more help to express yourself , talk to others and don’t bottle things up. This Site helps tremendously and actually talking and expressing feelings/emotions is better. That’s what I feel and I believe that the departed wouldn’t want us to be unhappy. Its a tough world and life seems hard. Perhaps we can’t take away the pain, but just make it hopefully a little easier. I often wonder how we as Humans are meant to deal with it? Take care everyone x


Time isn’t a healer it’s always going to be with you it’s just some days are easier than others. You certainly never get over it especially if that person is so important in your life.

And 13 months in So at the very start of forever.

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I have heard that phrase " time is a great healer" i think when one is young friends keep you busy and invite you to do this and that and friend is around you.

Also one of you parents would care for you, so one is distracted so the pain with the time is less.

It is different when you are older and have shared everything with your partner and you are alone 24/7.
Because half of you have died, memories despite are nice slso are painful to realise that it would never happen again.

Maybe with the time is not too raw but pain is there, and we learn to live with it.

Take care of yourself xx