Grief Guide - new Memory Box self-help tool


There are many threads on our community in which our members share deep and rich memories of their loved ones, photos, favourite songs and more.

Sharing these memories with each other can bring a lot of comfort. If you would like your own private space to remember too, our Grief Guide now has a Memory Box tool.

With this tool, you can start filling your digital memory box with the photographs, songs, videos or moments that you want to keep safe and remember. You can carry on adding to it whenever you want, and you might also find it useful to take some time to reflect on what’s inside too. This process can help you to feel connected to the person you’re missing and bring you a sense of comfort during your grief.

To use the Memory Box tool, you need a Grief Guide account. It takes just a minute or two to sign up at

Take care


hi seaneen i clicked on the highlighted bit and it took me to a blank page . maybe this is just my computer playing up

Hello @chiara, thanks for letting me know. The page briefly loads an image before it goes to the homepage, is that what happened with you? If you are still having problems accessing the site please do let me know and I will do my best to help.