Grief, Guilt and Gratitude

It’s just 6 weeks since my world changed forever when my lovely mum asked us to let her go, we gave her “permission” and she passed away the next day. She was 91, had Alzheimer’s for the last 4/5 years. I am grateful I had her for so long, a lot of people aren’t that lucky are they? I feel guilty because I could have done so much more for her. I don’t know how I will deal with the grief of losing her. My sister passed away in 1989 so there’s just me and my children now, my daughter (30)has been amazing, she read mums eulogy and helped sort things out, but I am so worried about my son(40), mums first grandchild, they had such a beautiful bond and he has done so much for her, especially the last 10’years, he is lost without her but is keeping everything to himself.

I lost my dad last May and he’d lived with me and my hubby for a year prior to his death. He had dementia and with covid I feel we didn’t do enough with him. Me and hubby both worked throughout the lockdowns as I’m a nurse and he works in retail so dad had carers in when we were at work. I got diagnosed with breast cancer the week of his funeral and don’t feel as though I’ve had the time to grieve as I have been in active treatment since. I just feel an overwhelming sadness when I think of him.

Hiya kat my dad 5month after my mum she had Alzheimer’s my dad died of heartbreak he loved her so much and my husband passed 11th nov 2020 love of my life lv annie x x